Complete Streets Design Guidelines Working Group Meeting

Complete Streets Design Guidelines Working Group Meeting

Tuesday, July, 10, 2018, 3 p.m. - 5 p.m. Phoenix City Hall, 1st Floor Assembly Rooms A & B

Additional meetings are taking place at the same time on Wednesday, July 31 and Wednesday, Aug. 15.

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The Complete Streets Advisory Board recommended the March 8, 2018, Complete Streets Design Guidelines (CSDG). Efforts to continue to finalize the Board recommended CSDG will continue with an emphasis on gathering full input from interested and affected stakeholders. A CSDG Working Group has been formed to insure appropriate stakeholder input and a cost analysis is performed as directed by the Citizens Transportation Commission (CTC) and the Transportation and Infrastructure (T&I) Subcommittee. Staff will provide updates to the working group’s progress and status to the CTC and T&I by the end of Summer 2018.

The CSDG working group meetings are open to the public; and as a part of the agenda include a public comment period.

We strongly recommend people attend the meetings and state that we need complete streets implemented now. The City has a record of delivering lacklustre plans on a glacial time scale, and it is costing lives.

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