About Phoenix Spokes People

Our mission

Phoenix Spokes People is a group of urban bicyclists dedicated to making Phoenix a friendlier, more welcoming place to ride a bike. Organized in November of 2012, word spread quickly and we are fast becoming a popular group to join in the bicycling community. One of our main goals is to get more bicycle infrastructure in the City of Phoenix and we’ve been actively involved in communicating our needs to the city, most recently through speaking at the community budget hearings.

We believe that bicycling should be an easily accessible form of transportation for people of all ages, incomes and abilities. We imagine a Phoenix with people dressed up or down — going to work or heading out for a night on the town — and getting there safely and comfortably by bike.

Press kit

  • Our logo vectors and hi-res rasters, are available on Google Drive.
  • Our Facebook page is a great source for photos of Phoenix Spokes People in action!

Corporate Documents