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Advocacy Call/Email/URL Quick(er) Fix List

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Traffic Signals 🚦

A traffic signal is too short/long or doesn't see πŸ‘€ you on your bike or

For traffic signals that are damaged, flashing or malfunctioning:

(602) 262-6021 or

A bike lane needs to be cleaned by a street sweeper, Potholes, Debris 🧹

(602) 262-6441 or

A street light over the sidewalk/bike path/road is out πŸ’‘

(602) 495-5125 or

Damaged street signs like Bike Lanes, Bike Routes, stop, yield, speed limit, etc

(602) 262-6449 or

Cars/Trucks/etc Parked in the Bike Lane 🚘

(602) 262-6151 - Police non-emergency

Closing your street for a special event or block party 🚧 (scroll down to bottom)

Unsheltered persons on bike paths πŸ’€

(602) 262-6251 - Phoenix CARES
or report here

General concerns about bicycling or pedestrian safety in the city

General Street Concerns like sign toppers, sidewalks, ADA ramps

General concerns about streets

Input about a planned street restriping project πŸ—

Input about a street/canal path/other redesign project πŸ›£

Input about city budget priorities with regard to streets and other infrastructure πŸ’°

Seasonal - budget hearings are in April, a schedule is usually released in March

The city’s five year Capital Improvement Program for FY2022-27

Where to find information about upcoming city meetings for street projects

Where to find information about upcoming City Council meetings

Information about upcoming council subcommittee and other meetings

Where to find meetings about streets and other infrastructure

Mayor's office

Who is your council person?

Contact your city council person about concerns you have related to bicycle, pedestrian, and street safety.

City Manager office

City Manager's dashboard on the performance of Street Transportation Dept

Phoenix Spoke People Google Drive

Review the announcements in the City of Phoenix Street Bicycle Improvement Google Doc, and send any ideas, comments or questions into the noted contact.

Traffic speeds on a particular street

Traffic Services (602) 262-4659

Adding speed humps to a street

(602) 534-9529
or start process here: